International deliveries to the USA (and Europe) now available

Orders and deliveries to the USA are now available for selected products. Sice the start of the COVID pandemic, our experience has shown that FedEx are the most reliable shipping company, offering fully tracked shipping in only a couple of days from the UK to the USA - for only a very small increase in price this is a vast improvement in service compared to other previous options.

The Little Shop of Boxes are also delivering to Europe though deliveries cannot currently be calculated at checkout. We currently offer 2 European delivery options:

  • Option 1: Get in touch with your order requirements, an email address and the shipping address and we will email you a bespoke order with delivery costs included. You will benefit from a cheaper overall cost as the items will be cheaper and the delivery calculated individually for each order.
  • Option 2: You are still able to place an order at The Little Shop of Boxes on Etsy but the prices will be higher due to the increased overhead cost of the Etsy platform.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch and don't forget to subscribe to our email distribution to be kept up to date with new offers, stock updates and promotions.

The Little Shop of Boxes